Hospitality Resume Example

When searching for a job in the hospitality and tourism industry, creating a good resume can seem challenging. Whether you are just entering the field or have spent several years in the Hotel, Travel, and Tourism industry, your ability to provide exceptional service, promote repeat and referral business, contribute to strong revenue growth, and effectively communicate a range of services and options needs to be clearly and immediately conveyed. How do you make sure your full value is recognized?

Due to increasing competition, an effective job search campaign is even more critical. When you consider that a resume has as little as 10 seconds to generate a positive response, you need to have a skillfully developed presentation that balances detail with brevity, eases and encourages reading, and leverages the latest keywords and phrases to target hotel, travel, or tourism positions. Modeling your resume after the hospitality resume sample below can help you accomplish this.

Examine this travel agent resume sample to gather ideas on how you can best position yourself on your own resume:

Why Does this Hospitality Resume Sample Work?

The above travel agent resume sample works because:

  • Contact information is easy to spot.
    Your name, address, phone and email address are some of the most important pieces of information on your resume - after all, it's how the hiring manager will reach you to schedule an interview. Make sure this set of information is at the forefront, clear, concise and easy to find. Consider using active links to your LinkedIn profile and any other web-based portfolios, as well.
  • It uses common fonts.
    Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can have difficulty reading some fonts. In addition, a hiring manager may not find fancy fonts as easy to read. Instead, stay with common fonts such as Cambria, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • It uses clear section headings.
    When deciding how to format a resume, remember that these headings must be definitive and must stand out amidst the other text in the document. Don’t be afraid to use a shaded box, bold text, and white-space around each heading.
  • It conserves space.
    A great resume uses bullet points, active verbs and industry-specific acronyms. All of these which can help reduce clutter and overwhelming text. Remember to avoid stating the obvious - statements like "references available upon request" aren't needed.

Due to increasing competition, an effective job search campaign is even more critical. Positioned in the right way, your strengths and a capacity to recognize and seize cross-selling opportunities while ensuring client events or itineraries are successfully executed will further set you apart from the competition. Let TopResume help transform your resume. We guarantee you’ll get 2x more job interviews within 60 days or we’ll rewrite your resume for free.

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