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The world is digital. Since we live in a technological age, professionals who can navigate the online realms will always be valuable. Marketers make an average of $133,380 each year or around $64 per hour. However, before you can land your next dream job, you need to make sure that you have a digital marketing manager resume that ticks all of the boxes. 

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How to write a resume

Ready to get started with your digital marketing manager resume? If you want to make the right impression on recruiters, you need to get the basics right. With that in mind, take a quick look at some of our top tips that will help you to ace our next job application. 

Research the company first

Before you do anything else, you need to research the business to which you’re applying. If you use the same digital marketing manager resume for every vacancy, that’s a mistake. Recruiters will see that you haven’t tailored your application and it won’t do you any favors. Instead, do your homework. Research the business and tailor your resume accordingly. 

Structure the resume well 

Do you know how to structure your resume? Recruiters expect a certain format when they are reviewing applications. You need to include a header, summary, work experience, education, and skills. Of course, if you want to kick things up a gear, you can include additional sections, such as “areas of expertise”. Have a solid structure before you start. 

Determine your USP 

As a digital marketing manager, you will know all about defining a brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP). So, what is yours? Figure out what the main thing that you bring to companies is and why it sets you apart from the crowd. You can weave this into your professional summary and other areas of your digital marketing manager resume. 

Include keywords and phrases 

Want to make sure that a human reads your resume? Of course, you do! Many businesses now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter incoming resumes. The software looks for specific keywords and phrases in each resume. The more it finds, the more likely your resume is to “pass” the software and be seen by the hiring manager. To help you beat the bots, take a look at the job advert. You should find some of the specific words in there.

Master the art of tone 

When you’re applying for a position in the marketing field, your tone can make a huge difference. You need to convey that you are a professional but that you are also approachable. It can be a tricky tightrope to walk. But it is possible. Making sure that you use a generally formal tone and throwing in some killer t adjectives is the way to go.

Digital marketing manager resume examples 

Are you looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. The summary is the most freeform part of your digital marketing manager resume. You can take a look at a resume example for this section below. We have also included an example of the work experience section. Take a peek to see how you can lay this part of the application out perfectly.

Summary example

Lead development and implementation of digital marketing strategies to drive sales and market penetration. Perform market research and competitive intelligence gathering; manage KPI’s. Analyze performance and trends to forecast sales and profitability. Plan and direct comprehensive new product launches and go-to-market strategies. Develop targeted marketing and sales collateral, testimonials, and blog content. Guide cross-functional teams in positioning products and services as choice provider; communicate sales targets and organizational goals. Engage new and existing customers to assess needs and gain product feedback. 

Employment history example

Google Inc. (For Zenith Talent), Mountain View, CA
Global Retail Brand Manager, Hardware Marketing 2015-2016

Directed brand development and execution of third-party promotional activities across 15 countries in NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM regions, including asset oversight and product marketing initiatives. Partnered with retailers, OEMs, and Telco companies to develop branding campaigns. Facilitated partner education on brand guidelines; provided recommendations/disapprovals for collateral and asset changes. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • Effectively designed over 200 co-branded marketing assets for Android: TV, Wear, Pay, Nexus 5 X/6P, and Google Play. 

  • Slashed partner asset manipulation by 35% through critical analysis and ensuring compliance with Google brand guidelines.

  • Created B2B online websites based on comprehensive analysis of partner’s parameters.

Key hard & soft skills for digital marketing managers

Effective marketing managers have a balance of hard and soft skills. Let’s break that down: Hard skills apply directly to the role at hand. So, for a marketing professional, they may include “Salesforce Marketing Cloud” or “Adobe Photoshop”. Showing that you are proficient in these platforms gives the hiring manager an idea of your talents. 

On the other hand, soft skills are transferable (rather than specific to marketing). These may include things like “communication,” “leadership,” and “teamwork”. Before you write your resume, take the time to list all of your skills in full. You can use this to make a short list of the actual skills that you include on your professional resume. 

Summary & last words

Landing your next job can be made so much easier with an optimized digital marketing manager resume. This tool will allow you to apply for top-level jobs in some of the best businesses around the world. Why not get started now and take the first step?

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