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Your military career has given you an unmatched set of skills and experience. Showcase your unique abilities to an employer with a professionally-written military-to-civilian resume.

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Did You Know?

You have certain advantages as a former military member entering the workforce.

That’s right. As a service member, you have a decisive advantage in that your career is documented in greater detail than that of your civilian counterparts. Any evaluation reports, training certificates, and award narratives provide detail to the value you bring as a professional. You may even have security clearance that offers proof of your responsibility and accountability, saving employers time and money.

If you want to land a civilian job for your post-military life, you can use carefully measured metrics to benchmark your accomplishments and build an impressive career narrative.

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Enter the workforce with an advantage:

Documented accomplishments

Consistent deliverance of results

Measured metrics

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Transitioning from military to civilian life, TopResume was instrumental in aiding me. They converted successful military career into a language easily understood by hiring managers in the civilian sector. My resume writer was professional and expedient. I would highly recommend this service.

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