With the holiday rush comes an increase in jobs in certain sectors. Here’s how to capitalize!

A friend of mine was an unemployed bartender and student. During his weekends, he would call all the bars and clubs nearby asking if they were short of personnel, knowing that on weekends it is very common for a bartender not to show up, which leaves these places needing someone urgently. My friend's technique was to call one hour before opening, and very frequently someone would ask if he could be there in 30 minutes. Even though he didn't have a regular job, he was working most weekend nights.

You've probably heard that the holiday season is a dead time for job searching. While this may be true for certain careers and professions, there is a huge demand in many job sectors that see a significant increase in their activities from November to January. While many of those opportunities are only seasonal and therefore temporary, you can still benefit from this demand. If you are unemployed, this can be a short-term solution until the market goes back to normal after the holidays. It is also a good opportunity to add more experience to your resume and avoid gaps in work history. However, not all seasonal jobs stay temporary. Many people that are hired for the holiday season continue working for the company as long-term employees.

The following are some areas that typically hire more employees during this season. Yet, like my friend did, you must keep an eye out and anticipate businesses' needs and approach those opportunities before they get publicized.

Sales and Customer Service

This one is quite obvious. Almost all stores experience a boost in sales and customer queries during the holidays. Toy shops, clothing and department stores, perfume shops, jewelry stores, shoe stores, and home decoration centers are some examples of businesses that will be requiring more staff. If you have experience as a cashier, stock clerk, product promoter, or in maintenance and security, you will find a high demand for these careers.

Distribution and Delivery

With online sales becoming more and more popular, the need for more couriers to cover routes and guarantee timely deliveries increases considerably over the holidays.

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Tourism and Hospitality

People traveling to visit their loved ones, and others making the best of their time off work whether alone or with their families, represent a great increase in these job sectors. From hotel front desk clerks, travel/reservation agents, and flight attendants to waiters, guides, and chefs, there are many opportunities derived from travelers, visitors, and even locals utilizing travel services during the holidays.

Transportation and Logistics

An increase in sales also means an increase in inventory needs and therefore a higher demand for transportation and logistics services. Some examples of personnel required are drivers, warehouse clerks and managers, inventory managers, logistics supervisors, and chain supply specialists.


After toys, this is probably the most popular gift category during this season. If you have specialized knowledge of computers, game consoles, entertainment systems, and mobile devices, you will have many people asking you for advice. Whether you are helping customers choose, repair, or install their gadgets, you will be very busy!

Event Coordination

From private parties and corporate events to New Year's Eve celebrations, the holiday season offers endless opportunities for event coordinators and professional party planners.

The holiday season is also a good opportunity to start your own business wrapping gifts, selling those delicious cookies everyone loves, decorating interiors … you get the idea. Just think about your abilities and brainstorm how you can capitalize on them!

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