If you're working that 5 to 9, here are some side hustles to add to your daily grind.

It has often been noted that one of the best ways to build wealth is to develop multiple streams of revenue. While your primary job may pay the bills, it might not provide that extra income you need to build savings, plan for retirement, or even go on vacation. Fortunately, a side hustle in the gig economy can be just the solution you need.

In this post, we will examine ten diverse jobs you can use to provide your family with additional income every month. Each of these potential job opportunities can be managed as a secondary career without taking time away from your primary employment.

What you need to know about side hustles in the gig economy

If you have never given any thought to using your free time to engage in one of the many side hustles available in the new gig economy, you are not alone. Most workers still focus on their primary jobs, without ever considering a second job and revenue source. Some of those people are just unfamiliar with the concept and unsure about its potential. Others simply lack the information they need to identify a suitable side job to fit their lifestyle. The good news is that we have the answers you need!

First, it is important to understand what the gig economy is. This part of the economy is made up of workers who take on temporary freelancer jobs as independent contractors. Some of those freelancers hold separate full-time positions and do their contracted work on the side. However, around 44 percent of those workers report that their gig economy earnings are their primary source of income. As of 2018, the gig economy included a reported 36 percent of all U.S. workers. Today, an estimated 57 million Americans participate in a global gig economy that may be worth as much as 350 billion dollars.

The benefits of gig work are too numerous to fully document, but include:

  • Side income that can supplement your primary pay

  • Flexible schedules that you can adapt to your lifestyle needs

  • Valuable work experience that can enhance your resume

  • The ability to choose which jobs you want to do

  • The chance to be your own boss

  • An opportunity to build a side business that could eventually become your full-time job

10 gig opportunities in today's gig economy

1. Online store operator

This is one of the most well-known gig economy opportunities and one of the oldest in the tech era. Companies like eBay and Amazon enable people just like you to sell a host of other companies' products in online stores. If you have ever wanted a retail shop but lacked the resources to launch a brick-and-mortar operation, this online option can be a great alternative.

2. Care for other people's pets

Are you an animal lover who is willing to watch other people's pets, walk their dogs, or board them overnight? There are companies out there that can help you land freelance assignments caring for animals. Your gig economy opportunity could be waiting for you with a company like Rover.

3. Shop for others

While this gig job existed prior to the Covid pandemic, it gained new prominence as shutdowns and quarantines kept many Americans from going out. Companies like Shipt, Instacart, or DoorDash can always use gig workers who are willing to do other people's shopping for them!

4. Become a virtual assistant

At sites like Freelancer.com, you can find businesses and professionals who are looking for someone to serve as a virtual assistant. That can be a terrific way to utilize your existing office and technology skills, while developing and honing other skills that can enhance your value as an employee. 

5. Be a ride-share driver

Chances are that you have already heard of companies like Uber and Lyft. If you enjoy driving and the opportunity to help others get around, then a side hustle as a ride-share driver may fit the bill. In some areas, drivers have earned well over $1,000 a month.

6. Clean other people's homes

There seems to be an app for everything these days – and that includes cleaning services. You can use the Tidy app to find clients in your area who need home cleaning services and work as often as you would like. The company's app-based system makes it easy to manage your cleaning assignments, control your schedule, and handle payments.

7. Become a personal trainer

Fitness is more important than ever, as many Americans are rediscovering the importance of exercise and nutrition. With a little training and certification, you can turn your own interest in fitness into an opportunity to be a personal trainer. Yes, you can make money by helping people live healthier lives!

8. Data entry

Remote data entry jobs can be a controversial topic, due to the high number of fraudulent opportunities that have appeared over the years. There are, however, many legitimate data entry jobs that you can do. You can find opportunities for this type of remote work on sites like Indeed. Just stay away from any job “opportunity” that asks you to pay them before you can work.

9. Website or graphic design

If you have solid website design skills, you can earn a substantial amount of money by becoming a freelance designer in your spare time. There are always companies and individuals looking for quality designers on sites like Freelancer and Fiverr.

10. Do landscaping work

Remember when you were younger, and neighbors paid you to mow their lawns? Well, everything old is new again! If you still have that green touch and an eye for lawn design, you can find clients who need your services on sites like Gigsmart.

Bonus: Become a resume writer

Do you have solid writing skills and experience with resume creation? Then resume writing can be a fantastic way to put those skills to use and help others locate the career opportunities they need. If you can write, creating resumes could be the perfect side gig for you!


With rising inflation and slow wage growth posing challenges for many Americans, the gig economy may offer one of the best ways to earn extra money. With a little ambition and drive, you may find that one of these job opportunities can be just what you need to make extra money with a side hustle in the gig economy.

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