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How to Make the Holiday Hiring Spree Work for You

Looking for work this holiday season? Here’s how to take advantage of temporary positions. [TWEET]

The holiday shopping season affords the opportunity for temporary seasonal workers to display their skills for a shot at more permanent positions. Superstore giants like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and Dillard’s reach out and list jobs on hiring websites as early as September to fill the demand each year. Each company looks for special people who can take on the holiday rush. Company executives also reveal they retain the best employees after the shopping season. So how can you make this holiday hiring spree work in your favor?

Get acquainted with online job boards.

Most holiday jobs are listed online. Those sites allow applicants to submit their information easy and fast using pre-built forms. Enter your experience, education, skills, etc. as you normally would on a resume. List all entries newest to oldest. Stay away from jargon, passive voice, and regurgitated versions or the company’s job description.

If you are not familiar with online job boards or the Internet, most colleges and universities have career departments that will help you learn the basics and get an account started. Local governments, nonprofits, and the state’s labor department also may offer similar assistance.

Flaunt your key selling points.

Students are one of the main groups companies hire from. Students are often more flexible with their time and do not have as many commitments during the holiday rush. This flexibility is ideal as companies want applicants who can come in early or stay late, and do not have other commitments that prevent them from answering work related summons.

Hard workers have a skill set that is difficult to find – dedication and honesty. Companies value hard workers and will hire someone who proves their dedication and willingness to work. Listing former supervisors as references and asking them to attest to your work ethics will help you pass the first test.

Go the extra mile.

Supervisors and hiring managers do not have much time to evaluate temporary seasonal hires. Make an effort to stand out and draw their attention as this is the best way to get noticed and secure a more permanent position. Do not be afraid to ask for more work and hours if you have the bandwidth. Help other workers and demonstrate your leadership skills. Seasonal employees should not hesitate to ask for advice on  how to navigate the company and land a permanent job.

Build your network and rub elbows.

Take advantage of every opportunity to introduce yourself and shake hands. This shows gumption and leadership qualities. Many entry-level workers tend to hide in the background, but doing so will not lead to a permanent job after the holidays. Look for training sessions open to all employees, and socialize in the break room.


The holidays are a great time to make a little extra money or shop for a more permanent job. Job boards are full with temporary listings. All it takes is a little practice and a resume - the computer will do the rest. Once in the job, start making friends and building your credibility. Seasonal jobs do not last long, and you will have less time to make a good impression. Seize the moment.

Landing your dream job starts with the right plan.

Download your free action plan now to get the job you deserve.

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Land your dream job.

Landing your dream job starts with the right plan. Download your free action plan now to get the job you deserve.