Want to make the most out of your meeting with a recruiter? Follow these job search tips. [TWEET]

One of the most common questions career coaches receive is “how do I impress the job recruiter?” Those mysterious, well-dressed demigods aren’t as mysterious as many believe. And while many recruiters have different styles and criteria, they each choose candidates based on proven human resources methods. Here are a few job search tips to help you make the best of a meeting with the recruiter.

Save them time and effort

Hiring managers and recruiters go through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes every month. They don’t have time to read three to four-page resumes that are wordy and say nothing. They have to quickly discern top talent. Resumes that are specific and well-formatted have a 30 percent better chance of being read than those that are clunky, wordy, unorganized and generalist. Recruiters recommend hiring a professional resume writer to critique or edit your resume.

Here are a few guidelines to improve your resume:

Don’t wait to excel

Recruiters want to see what you can bring to the table. They don’t care much about what you can do, but rather they want to see what you can achieve. Start focusing on helping build your current company and work on projects that stand out. Don’t be shy about asking your current employer for more responsibility. Remember these job search tips:

  • Embrace added responsibility.

  • Be consistent.

  • Build your professional network and don’t be afraid to showcase it.

Take advantage of social media, especially LinkedIn

Say goodbye to standalone resumes and cover letters. Recruiters want to see your Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, and personal website. If you don’t have one of these, then get on it. Companies place a lot of emphasis on advancing your skills and maintaining current training. Not having a social media account reflects your rigid nature and unwillingness to change. Add your social media accounts to your resume, and showcase your projects and training on all accounts.

On the other hand, if your Facebook timeline is filled with photos from parties and social gatherings, don’t advertise it. Start cleaning up your profile and delete anything embarrassing. Keep two general rules in mind – if you don’t want your mother to see it, don’t put it on Facebook, and once something is online, it is there forever.

Be prepared

Come to the table prepared. Recruiters use their interview with you as their assessment as to how you will fare with their clients. Don’t show up at the table without any knowledge of the company. This is a red flag that says, “don’t hire me because I don’t care about your company.” Take time to research the company, its mission statement and values, and executive team. Other recruiter questions to prepare for are:

  • What is the next ideal position for you?

  • What makes you ideal for this position?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years?

  • If we hire you, what is our ROI?

Never answer questions about your salary

The fastest way to not be hired is to tell them how much you’re making. There is no correct answer. First, you are no longer a valuable asset but a bargaining point for other potential candidates. It also may disqualify you from a lower paying job with more perks and benefits. If you are currently making $65,000 each year and the recruiter’s position pays $60,000, they may think you are overqualified or unobtainable. Be polite but firm. Tell them “I apologize, but I am not comfortable sharing this information.”

Follow the above job search tips and you'll be impressing recruiters before you know it.

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