Ronda Suder Ronda Suder

Ronda Suder is a Writer, Speaker, HR Professional, and Wellness Advocate. Through her journey in living with chronic illness and being in recovery for C-PTSD and PTSD, a journey that is ongoing and requires her to live moment by moment, she is clear that stories connect us, save us, and help us grow. She supports individuals and businesses in expressing their stories through words and works with individuals to meet their career and life goals through consulting and coaching services. Ronda holds an MS in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, an MA in Film and Media Production, and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling along with her Career Coaching Certification. She launched to provide a platform for the sharing of information and stories with a primary focus on mental health and chronic conditions. She currently resides in southern Louisiana with her loving pooch, Cinderella. Connect with Ronda on LinkedIn, and feel free to say "hello!" 

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