Job search dragging you down? A professionally written resume can build you back up, and then some.

The job search seems to come easily to some, doesn't it? One minute “those people” are employed with a great company, and the next, LinkedIn notifies you they've landed an upgraded gig. Thanks, social media. And then there's you — the job seeker who is struggling to simply put their resume together, with interviews and an offer currently just an unattainable dream. Reality check: You're not alone! Most people struggle when looking for a job. We get it, we've been there, and we want to make it easier.

So, let's start from the beginning: At the heart of every job search, successful or not, is a resume. This one little document can help determine your worth, how long your job search lasts, if your next position is a step up, and if a recruiter feels confident recommending you for a position. So maybe a resume isn't so “little” after all.

But you're stuck. Writing your resume has been the roadblock to getting your job search going, but it doesn't have to be. A recent study conducted by TopResume found that a professionally written resume will not only help you land a job faster, but also position you to make more money — the dream!

It all comes down to professional resume writers who know the ins and outs of positioning your resume to attain that dream. Want to get to know them a little better? Here's what they have to say about making you a superstar candidate.

Positioning your resume to make you more

Money is a very important factor in, well, everything, and it is often one of the biggest factors in the decision to look for a new job. Our recent study found that professional resume writers can help you write a resume that positions you to earn 7 percent more than a resume you've written yourself. That's nothing to scoff at. When you invest in a professionally written resume, it's like you're giving yourself a raise.

But how do professional resume writers go about achieving this? We asked our writer Laura G. how she approaches this with her clients' resumes: “Sometimes people don't realize that something can be considered an accomplishment, they just see it as part of their job. But it's great to be able to show people, 'Hey, you did lots of stuff in this role that should be recognized.'”

That recognition is key, really. You need to show off your accomplishments in the right way in order to land a higher salary. Our writer Christa R. said, “I try to show what a client brings to each of their positions, but better yet I highlight what could not have been done without them that increased business or team performance.” This will resonate with potential new companies and show them why they need you.

Polishing your resume to attract recruiters

Do you know exactly what recruiters are looking for in a candidate? No? It's OK, how could you? Many professional resume writers start off as HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters so they've been there ‒‒ they've been in the room where it happens (the hiring, that is). They take that real-world experience and apply it to your resume.

The results? Our study revealed that recruiters perceived candidates with a professionally written resume as more polished and better able to deliver results, and they felt more confident about the prospect of presenting these candidates to clients. In fact, these candidates were 46 percent more likely to be recommended by a recruiter, which means your foot gets in the door.

We asked our professional resume writers, “What is your secret sauce to creating a more polished, impressive resume for your clients?” Writer Laura G. acknowledged that to her, “Picking the right format is the most important part.” She elaborated: “If someone's resume looks messy and unorganized then you wonder about their qualifications and how quality of a job they will do.”

But a polished resume doesn't stop at format, as our writer Veronica C. points out. She writes her clients' resumes “as if [she's] telling a career story. [She] uses formats that are easy to read and presents the summary (the story) in a paragraph and uses bullets for highlights/impact.” It's all about the story: Who you are, what you have achieved, what you are passionate about, and, ultimately, how you can bring that to a new company.

Preparing your resume to land a job faster

The best investment you can make is in yourself, and this can mean a lot of different things. From investing in your physical and mental well-being to investing in your job search, being your own biggest cheerleader and making your needs a priority will set you up for success. If your current job, or lack of a current job, is taking a toll, it's time to make changes, and fast.

The average job search is five months, and for some, that's too long. Applying with a professionally written resume can cut your search in half and help you land a job faster. Our study found that job seekers who purchased a professional rewrite reported a 32 percent higher rate of finding a job than those who did not, and 68 percent of those candidates secured that job within three months of having their resume professionally written.

The cherry on top of the professionally written resume sundae? 42 percent of them moved on to a higher-level position. We love helping clients land their dream jobs, and so do our resume writers. Our writer Steve G. reminisced, “I still remember writing a resume for a client who immediately wrote me back thanking me because they got their dream job with it; that felt pretty great.” Meanwhile, writer Robert C. told us of the time he had a repeat customer success story. “One of the best feelings is when a client has success and comes back for an update. I was able to develop a resume for a client, and he secured a higher-paying position using it. A year later, we replicated our success when he attained another, better position after I updated his resume with his additional experience.”

Success stories come in many shapes and sizes, but to us, if we can help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, we've done our job.

Our writers are ready to revamp your resume. Are you? Click here to learn more and find job-search success.

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