If your resume could talk to hiring managers, what would it say about you?

Whether you've made the decision that this year is the year you start searching for a new job or you've already plunged into the job-search deep end, you're going to need one very important document: a resume. How does that make you feel? If there's any doubt in your mind about your current resume's ability to get the job done, it's time to think about options and how you can position yourself for success.

Perhaps it's time for a professional to step in. “Someone else, writing my resume?” you exclaim? Before you dismiss the option, let's discuss. You are the expert in _____ (insert your profession here), and professional resume writers are experts in making you and your resume shine. Could you use some shine in your job search? We thought so. Here's what a professional rewrite can do for you, and what some of our past clients have to say about how it has changed their job search.

Save time

They say that searching for a job is a full-time job, and whether you are currently employed or between jobs, you're going to need to invest serious hours into searching, applying, networking, etc. The thought alone can be overwhelming. Add the time and effort it takes to craft the perfect resume to the list and you may find yourself wondering, “I'm only one person, how am I going to get it all done?”

The good news is you're not alone, and you don't have to do it all on your own. Investing in a professional resume rewrite checks one very important item off of your job-search list, leaving you time to focus your energy on finding the right jobs to apply to, talking to the right people, and getting all your ducks in a row. Time is money after all.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I was reluctant to use an online service to rewrite my resume. However, working with Joy at TopResume, I was able to save time and found the timely responsiveness very convenient. I had a few minor changes, which we accomplished in a few quick emails, and she made sure that I was completely satisfied with the final draft. I would highly recommend TopResume to anyone who is composing or updating their resume.” ‒‒ Neil P.

“TopResume is fast, efficient, and I had virtually no edits on their first draft. I landed an interview literally days after I sent out my "new and improved" resume. Saved me time and agony in rewriting and bugging colleagues to review. I also used their LinkedIn service which was fantastic as I really hadn't put much thought and no effort into my online presence. It is definitely more polished which is more reflective of my image.” ‒‒ Camille R.

Get callbacks, sooner

The days of searching your local paper for job listings and applying with a paper resume are long gone. Technology has given us access to millions of job listings via the click of a button. However, the ease of applying to jobs online means hiring managers needed a solution that would assist them in sifting through the influx of applications and weeding out candidates who were simply not a match.

Enter applicant tracking systems (ATS). Unfortunately, if your resume is not formatted for the ATS, it may be tossed aside right away and never even be seen by a real human. Professional resume writers speak ATS; they know the secret to getting past recruiting software, which in turn will get your resume in front of human eyes more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I reached out to TopResume to help out with my resume… and I can't thank my writer, Shayla, enough for her work. I have seen the immediate impact of her revision to my resume with an increase of callbacks. Needless to say, having someone else write about your accomplishments definitely helps in making them more marketable and stops our own harsh judgments. Thanks again to TopResume!” ‒‒ Caesar W.

“This was such a great experience. Once I posted my new resume online, I received 4 phone interview invitations and 2 in-person interviews and it is only been 1 week. AMAZING. This is a wonderful service with gifted editors who made my resume shine.” ‒‒ Angelique U.

Land more interviews

Many instances in life are just a numbers game, and your job search is no different. The more interviews you land, the better — plain and simple. If you're not currently landing as many interviews as you'd like, or if you're simply not landing the right interviews, it's likely that your resume is negatively influencing the situation.

A key component of an effective resume is its optimization. A well-optimized resume will help you stand out to recruiters and book more interviews that align with your career objectives.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I was completely satisfied with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I could not have done it without TopResume. Everyone who has read my new resume has commented on how concise and well crafted it is. When I received my first draft I was blown away by the quality and value for the money I paid. I am receiving offers for interviews now daily. It boosted my confidence as well.” ‒‒ Candi R.

“I applied for over a dozen jobs in 6 months and received rejection letters one after another. My resume is supposed to sell my skills in a 30 second glance. But it made me sound like I've never accomplished anything in my career. I couldn't "brag" about myself on paper, which made it very difficult to achieve my desired career change. My first draft came back and I was amazed! I applied for a new position after I received my first draft and I landed a phone interview the same day! I am now on my third interview with the company! Without my TopResume writer, I would have never received this opportunity!” ‒‒ Angela D.

Earn more money

Money talks. If your resume could speak, would it tell employers that you're worth an impressive paycheck? It's essential that your resume speak volumes about what you've done and what you've accomplished. In turn, in a hiring manager's eyes, your resume will scream from the rooftops, “I can do the same for your company! I AM WORTH IT.”

Can you accomplish this feat on your own? A professional can. A polished and professional resume helps you better articulate your worth, leading to higher salary offers.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“These guys absolutely rock. I hated how my resume looked until I went to TopResume. Within a matter of days, I had my new professional looking resume from TR, and it was PERFECT. The document flows perfectly and my work efforts from over the last 15 years really shined. After sending my old resume to a number of employers and going nowhere, I began using the TopResume version and landed 2 interviews fast, and am starting in a new position - with higher pay - in 2 weeks. Thanks TopResume!” ‒‒ Brian L.

“After several fruitless job searches, I invested in TopResume for a cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile rewrite. I then applied for 4 jobs, got interviews with 2 companies, and landed an amazing position with a salary higher than my target! I would call that a good investment. Joanna delivered quickly, professionally, and I am thrilled with the result!” ‒‒ Roxane L.

Gain confidence

If you've been “faking it till you make it,” stop! You are worth it, you are valued, so own it and project confidence. Easier said than done, we know. It's not easy to boast about yourself, and sometimes it's even uncomfortable.

Now picture this: A resume that brags about you (in the right way), that succinctly sums up all of your hard work and wins. A professional resume writer is trained in the art of being your professional cheerleader. Having that shiny new document that gives you credit for being the star that you are will give you the confidence you need to attack your job search head on and land the job you deserve.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“TopResume was easy to use and provided excellent work on my resume. It gave me the confidence I needed to submit my resume to top companies and I believe it was a major factor in securing the interviews I had and in landing my dream job!” ‒‒ Sharon H.

“My writer, Rachel J., was fantastic. The first draft of my resume and cover letter left me stunned that what I was reading was talking about me. It showed me how much I sell myself short, so this experience has been very empowering for me. I am 100% satisfied with the work that she did.” ‒‒ Eric K.

Land a job faster

A short job search is an ideal job search. In a recent study of ours, 68 percent of job seekers with professionally written resumes secured a new job within 90 days. Let's make you a part of that percentage.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“The best decision I made this year was to work with TopResume. They were very responsive and delivered a high quality resume that landed me a job within 3 weeks. What they advertise is truly worth the money. I had three interviews after the first week. If you're about to look for a new job, please do yourself a big favor and have your resume written professionally.” ‒‒ Phillip R.

“My resume writer was prompt, personable, and ultimately gave my career a huge boost. She responded directly to my feedback on the first draft and subsequent drafts. After having TopResume rewrite my resume and LinkedIn profile, I was offered several interviews and landed my dream job. I highly recommend this service.” ‒‒ Allison D.

If you weren't taught how to write a resume in school, you're not alone. There's a reason you may be putting it off and making excuses to do anything else but sit down and write it — it's not easy. However, it can be. It's as easy as working with the professionals, which will make your job search more fruitful, effective, and quick.

Let the pros take care of your resume. Check out TopResume's professional resume-writing services.

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