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You’ve got the gift of the gab. As a Sales Rep, you’re articulate, personable, and quick to build a rapport with your customers or clients. Whether you work for a small town business or a massive department store in New York, it’s all about closing that deal, making that sale. It’s how the business grows and flourishes, and you’re one of the major cogs in that wheel.

Transform your resume

How to write a resume

To create a resume that grabs the attention of a hiring manager, make sure it’s concise, well-written, and without any errors. Research indicates that recruiters spend just a few seconds reviewing resumes before either rejecting them or putting them on the shortlist. So, your document needs to make an immediate impact.

Here are some quick fixes you can do in a few minutes to your current resume.

  • Remove any text boxes or tables, as some Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have difficulty reading that type of content

  • Apply the basic round point for bullets, not arrows or other niche symbols, as not all ATS can read special characters

  • Avoid using personal pronouns like I, me, my, and our

  • Use past tense for previous roles as it adds impact. It also helps reduce wordy examples by seamlessly shortening the word count

For a more in-depth study, check out How to Write a Sales Resume (With Example).

Sales Rep resume examples

You want to help meet your customers’ needs with the latest product, new gadget, or service. It’s in your nature. It’s our nature to meet your job search needs. So check out some ideas on how to word your resume for maximum effect.

Summary paragraph example

Situated at the top of the resume, the Professional Summary is the first part that a recruiter will see, so make sure it’s impactful in selling you as the right person for the job.

A dedicated, ambitious, and intelligent Sales Rep specializing in client management and new business development. Demonstrate a natural flair for communication and use persuasive negotiation skills to secure the best deal. Swiftly adapt to ever-changing client and market dynamics by applying flexible solutions. Consistently leverage intuition to create strategies that increase sales by implementing specialist marketing communication tools.

Work experience example

As the meaty part of the resume, the Professional Experience section needs to pack a punch, so fill it with achievements, including sales figures, revenue increases, and customer retention rates.

Mercedes Benz Retail Group

Sales Representative | 10/2017 – 04/2021

Took full ownership of driving forward on sales and delivering a first-rate experience by establishing beneficial working relationships with clients. Kept channels of communication open and transparent to retain and develop existing customers in order to enhance the business and increase sales. Delivered robust business plans with thoughtful consideration of budgets while constantly complying with company policies and procedures. Established and meticulously measured targets to develop the business through specific channels across the country in order to achieve unit/profit targets.

Key Contributions:

  • Capitalized on negotiation skills to secure the sale of new vehicles, achieving sales targets

  • Exceeded expectations by surpassing revenue goals of $4.5m year to date

  • Drove sales through performance, sharing best practices and visiting customers

  • Coached, supported, and developed the key account management team, achieving personal performances of 120% and 130% of target for 2020 and 2021, respectively

Key hard & soft skills for a Sales Rep

Hard skills

Sales generation

It goes without saying that generating sales is key to your success, so get this asset across in your resume, using any relevant facts and figures to back it up.

Product knowledge

If you can’t answer each and every question about what you’re selling, you’re not going to instill much confidence in your customers, so it’s vital to know your product inside out.

Territory growth

Expanding your sales area can boost business exponentially, so boast about this accolade in your resume, to add strength to your application.

Soft skills


A little bit of give and take makes for excellent negotiation. Have you negotiated a big deal that increased business revenue? Then shout about it in your resume.

Critical Thinking

Showcase how your logic and reasoning can identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, and approaches to problems.


Illustrate how you’re able to flex and adjust to new situations or a change in contract terms by quickly responding to ever-shifting circumstances.

Summary and last words

Businesses are always going to need sales professionals. A TopResume writer can ensure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. You’re a professional, so consider hiring a professional writer to shorten your job search time and get your foot in the door of a new position.

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