Mechanical Engineer Resume Example, Tips & Tricks

In a world that relies upon technology in every area of life, mechanical engineers continue to be in great demand. Your role includes everything from designing and developing to building and testing machines, engines, and tools that power modern life. As a mechanical engineer, you understand just how much the world relies on your knowledge and skills to sustain and advance mankind’s quality of life. To get a job in this field, however, you need an exceptional and compelling Mechanical Engineer resume.

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That’s why we’ve compiled this “Mechanical Engineer Resume Example, Tips & Tricks” guide for job seekers just like you. In this guide, you’ll find crucial information about the key components you need to include in your resume, insight into the type of things employers are looking for when they read your resume, and tips that can help you separate yourself from the competition and make a powerful first impression.

How to write a resume

It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when you could land an interview with a resume that just provided an overview of your work history and basic skills. These days, however, you need much more than that. To really capture a hiring manager’s attention and land that job interview, your resume needs to deliver a powerful message that sells your skills, experience, and overall fitness for your desired job role. To achieve that goal, you should:

Choose a reverse-chronological format

There are many reasons why so many job seekers rely on resumes that use the reverse chronological format: employers prefer it to all other format types. Why? This style delivers several benefits to employers and hiring managers.

  • This format presents your work history in an easy-to-follow way. It lists each job you’ve held over the last 10-15 years, starting with your most recent position and working backward to the oldest position (no more than 10-15 years ago).

  • That clear approach to listing your work history enables employers to see your career progression, year by year, and job by job.

Employers who are looking for potential gaps in employment will have an easier time identifying them when you use a chronological format.

Use the right structure

A powerful and compelling resume will also use clear structure. That means breaking your resume up into distinct sections of information, with clear and understandable headings above each section. Those sections will each document different professional details, enabling the reader to easily navigate the document to locate your qualifications and key data points. Those sections should include:

  1. Your individual contact details: complete name, home city and state, phone, email address, and even your LinkedIn URL

  2. A title that reflects the position you are seeking

  3. A profile or summary statement providing a very brief overview of your key experiences, abilities, and achievements – focused on highlighting your potential value to the company

  4. Core competencies, which include no more than twelve to fifteen of your most relevant hard and soft skills

  5. A professional experience section that lists each company you’ve worked for, along with bullet point examples of your achievements in those jobs

  6. Educational accomplishments that can include college degrees, coursework, continuing education, certifications, and other formal education

Tailor your resume to each company and job

It is also important to customize each resume you submit to employers, tailoring it to fit your desired role. The easiest way to do that is to first concentrate on creating a primary resume that you can later modify to meet specific employers’ needs. To effectively tailor that resume, you should alter the desired job title, adjust your skills and the keywords that describe them, and include work experience bullet points that focus on the role’s qualifications.

Mechanical Engineer resume example

Of course, that’s a lot of information to make sense of in a brief period. It may help to see an example of how these different pieces of information work together to create a powerful resume that captures a hiring manager’s attention. Check out this example of a great Mechanical Engineer resume:

Key hard & soft skills for a Mechanical Engineer

To land a fantastic job as a Mechanical Engineer, your resume will need to successfully convey the key hard and soft skills that today’s employers are seeking. To decide which of your many skills you should list in your resume, you will first need to identify any specific abilities cited as required qualifications in the job posting. Pay attention to the exact wording used to describe those skills so that you can use the same terminology in your resume – and ensure that your document gets past any ATS scans.

While it would be impossible to list every skill you might need for any given job, there are some key skills that every Mechanical Engineer needs to possess. Even if these skills are not specifically listed in the job posting, you may still want to consider including them in the core competencies section of your Mechanical Engineer resume.

Hard skills

For example, here are three common hard skills that many of today’s Mechanical Engineers need to possess to be effective in their roles:


Proficiency in mathematics is something that every engineer needs. Math skills are utilized in the design process for new products, machines, equipment, and tools and are essential for ensuring proper input and calculations in many of the most common software programs used by these professionals.

Engineering design

This skill describes the process many people in this profession use to make decisions and resolve problems. Often referred to as the engineering method, it encompasses all the steps engineers go through as they create processes and products.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Expertise in the use of CAD software is important for many design processes. Computer-Aided Design enables a Mechanical Engineer to optimize their creation and production processes by visualizing their output in both 2D and 3D.

Soft skills

It’s also helpful to consider some of the non-technical skills that these professionals use to perform their duties. Here are three of those soft skills that you might want to include on your resume:


A typical Mechanical Engineer is likely to be part of a larger team of engineers working to solve complex problems. The ability to work with others, sharing information and thinking through potential solutions, is vital for success in this field.


Any job that requires innovation will also require a certain level of creativity. Make sure that you include your creative skills on your resume in your core competencies section. In addition, you may want to use one or two bullet points in your professional experience section to highlight examples of how those skills have helped you provide value for previous employers.


At its core, the job of a Mechanical Engineer is to find solutions to problems. Whether it is creating a new tool to enhance performance or developing a new product for consumers, problem-solving skills are vital for success.

Summary & last words

Resumes should be more than just dull recitations of your skills and work history. Instead, a great resume should function as your primary career marketing tool – the one document you rely on to sell your value to prospective employers. That requires a resume that:

  • Highlights your key skills in a way that aligns with the company’s needs

  • Demonstrates your value by providing real, measurable results you’ve achieved for other employers,

  • Details your professional history and career growth.

By using the information contained in this Mechanical Engineer resume, you can gain the insight you need to create your own resume. But what if you decide that you want an even more polished and professional resume that lands even more interviews?

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