HR Director Resume Example, Tips & Tricks

As HR Director, at the top of your game, you know that it’s the members of staff that make or break an organization. It’s imperative that the recruitment process is a failsafe in order to attract high-caliber candidates for each role and then keep them happy in their work by looking after them. Identifying, hiring, training, and engaging with staff is paramount to the success of a business. If you can’t find the right staff who’ll remain loyal and diligent, it can be a disaster.

Transform your resume

So in your quest to achieve this, you probably scour through and dissect dozens of resumes a week. You’ve got a knack for immediately spotting if someone has got what it takes to join your organization.

But what about your resume? It’s easy to dismiss or champion other resumes and see where the candidate has gone right or wrong. But it’s not so easy to scrutinize your own career, your own skills, your own achievements, and then collate all of that into an easy-to-digest, yet comprehensive, document.

How to write a resume

As you probably know, a very high percentage of resumes are never actually viewed by the human eye. Most are filtered out by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) before they reach a desk or laptop screen. To ensure this isn’t the case with your resume, follow these tips to success:

  1. Present a well-written, visually appealing, and ATS-compliant resume that attracts the hiring manager’s attention

  2. Choose a design and layout that emphasizes experience, achievements, skills, expertise, and education so it’s easy to read with enough white space so it’s not crowded or too overwhelming to view

  3. Stick to two pages in length, as this is long enough to be able to show off your level of experience and key assets to the potential employer while being short enough for them not to lose interest

  4. Include between 10 and 12 years of your career history in detail. If you’ve worked for longer than this, insert a Prior Employment section which just has the name of the company you worked for, your job title, and the dates you worked there, but no further information on responsibilities or achievements

HR Director resume examples

It’s vital that you have a resume that demonstrates your true worth, presenting your HR management, policy development, and compliance capabilities in a strong light. Look at the following examples to gauge how to do this.

Summary paragraph example

Check out this example of how to word the summary:

A determined, trustworthy, and logical HR Director who demonstrates extensive experience pioneering and implementing innovative/effective HR solutions that meet business objectives. Committed to delivering quality performance every time, combined with outstanding leadership and communication skills acquired over 12 years in management roles. HR expertise spans a range of industries, including automotive components, construction, packaging, emergency services, engineering, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).  

Work experience example

Be guided by this example on how to present your Professional Experience section, which forms the main part of a resume.

XYZ Company

HR Director | 03/2018 – 01/2022

Provided transformational and organizational HR leadership across a complex portfolio of challenges during a $300m strategic partnering arrangement to support the building of four nuclear power stations. Pioneered a resourcing strategy that enabled effective reach back into AMEC and the external recruitment of 200 nuclear specialists. Headed up the facilitation of appropriate expat terms and conditions reflecting full compliance and legal best practice for 70 white-collar workers.

Key Contributions:

  • Negotiated robust terms and conditions for 160 staff on assignment employed at the New York headquarters

  • Dealt successfully with sensitive situations and disparate members of staff by combining excellent interpersonal qualities with an innate understanding of what was at stake

  • Cultivated excellent working partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure HR and senior management within corporate functions and three business units were fully informed at all times

Key hard & soft skills for an HR Director

Listed below are just some of the skills that an HR Director should possess.

Hard skills

Talent acquisition

Hunting down elusive talent and identifying the best people for the job requires determination and inside knowledge of the recruitment industry, so include this on your resume.

Coaching and developing others

Identifying the developmental needs of others through coaching and mentoring reveals how capable you are of helping others improve their knowledge and abilities, making for a more skilled workforce.

Conflict resolution

Handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances, are major areas you’ll contend with day after day. Show your expertise for having those difficult conversations and coming out the other side with the right result – both for the employee and for the company.

Soft skills

People management

Highlight your expertise in bringing staff together to work in a cohesive way because of the collaborative way in which you manage people, making sure they have all they need in order to carry out their work to a high standard.

Active listening

Show how you give your full attention to what people are saying, take the time to understand the points being made, ask appropriate questions, and don’t interrupt or talk over others.

Effective communication

Illustrate how articulate you are when serving as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting/administering contracts, and helping resolve work-related problems.

Summary and last words

You excel in your field as an HR Director, now you can show it with our guide and tips. It’s time to put all of this into practice, so go for it!

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