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You’ve spent years honing your medical capabilities, completed copious hours of training, and are, more than likely, a specialist in your field. As a Doctor, your patients and even junior work colleagues depend on you. Now, you have a place to put your trust – this ‘Doctor Resume Example, Tips & Tricks’ article. Here, you’ll learn how to elaborate on your achievements to compile a professional resume that shows your true worth and will stand up to scrutiny at all levels.

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If you’re looking for your next challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TopResume, we have everything you need to support your career progression. In the following guide, we will be taking a look at how to write a CEO resume, examples of what you should include in a couple of the resume sections, and some handy tips and tricks. 

How to write a resume

Most resumes are either one or two pages. There are exceptions, of course, and medical resumes are one of those. As a medical professional, you’ll probably possess extensive qualifications following years of training. So you can breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to cram all your hard-earned work, summary, lists of publications, training, and research into just two sides of A4. There’s room to play with here. And you're probably going to need it.

  • Start with a summary at the top of the resume. See below for an example.

  • Include a Core Competencies / Areas of Expertise section, which should be a list of key phrases and keywords that illustrate your skills in a snappy and concise way.

  • Following that is your Career Experience, which details your professional roles in reverse chronological order. There’s an example below for you to view.

  • Then it’s professional qualifications and training, plus educational details.

  • Remember, you’re special, so you’re well within your rights to include extra sections that don’t appear on your “average” resume. These can include Audits, Clinical Skills, Research, Presentations, Publications, and Teaching. List them in order of importance and relevance for the job application, meaning they should be tailored each time.

  • It goes without saying that you must include contact details right at the top of the resume, including your name, location, cell, and hyperlinks for your email address and LinkedIn page.

If, after all that, your resume runs to three, four, or even five pages, that’s fine. However, you might benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, in the form of a professional resume writer, to ensure it concisely extols your accomplishments. 

Doctor resume examples

Being able to contain all the critical information of your work life into a document that’s two or three pages long requires skill. It takes time and effort and is probably something that you don’t have the time or inclination to do. Your resume needs to shine with medical achievements while showing off your expertise and amazing qualities.

See below for examples of how you can best go about making that happen.

Summary paragraph example

The Professional Profile at the top of your resume gives you a chance to summarize your skills:

A compassionate, dedicated, and decisive Internal Medicine Consultant who delivers holistic care to patients without compromising conventional medicine while optimizing harmonious professional relationships with colleagues. Committed to developing and improving standards in medical practice. Proven ability to assess and investigate patient symptoms, making decisions on the most appropriate treatment. Trustworthy and empathetic, delivering the highest standard of patient care at all times. 

Work experience example

Below is an example of how to construct and lay out your career experience:

XYZ Practice

Internal Medicine Consultant | 01/2019 - Present     

Set up and lead a well-established practice, treating different types of diseases across all branches of medicine for 700 patients a month. Deliver continuity of care to each patient and secure a highly valued reputation throughout the community due to hard work, a supportive manner, in-depth medical knowledge, trust, and dedication. Build and sustain rewarding relationships with an extensive and loyal base of patients and their families. Foster a community spirit by connecting with wider healthcare teams, including local hospitals, primary care practices, community nurses, physiotherapists, and pharmacists. Perform all sorts of diagnostic / lab work and sonography.

Key Contributions:

  • Successfully expanded the practice since 2019 to comprise two doctors, five nurses, and one doctor rotation.

  • Became a training and teaching practice.

Key hard & soft skills for a Doctor

Hard skills

  • Diagnoses

Essential for all medical personnel, diagnosing diseases, ailments, and complications requires inductive reasoning and the ability to combine pieces of information together to come to the right conclusion.

  •  Clinical skills

Here, you can showcase any specialist knowledge in whichever field you’re an expert – whether that’s OB/GYN, Pediatrics, or General Practice, the list is endless.

  • Research

Focus on research projects you’ve undertaken, especially if the post applied for requires it, along with any positive outcomes.

Soft skills

  • Bedside manner

Conveying reassurance to patients that’s all part of the healing process shows you possess an excellent bedside manner, so emphasize this within your resume.

  • Emotional intelligence

Highlighting your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in order to empathize with patients, overcome challenges, and defuse any conflict is a vital part of what being a Doctor is all about.

  • Team building

A doctor is nothing without a dedicated team striving alongside to achieve the very best for patients at all times. Emphasize your team-building aspects to illustrate that you understand the importance of this.

Summary and last words

You wouldn’t want your next-door neighbor to get their hands on a scalpel if they’re unqualified, would you? So why trust yourself with compiling a resume? You might be able to perform intricate surgery and save lives, but when it comes to writing your resume, it’s best left to the experts.

Introduction to TopResume: Professional resume writers

It’s become increasingly obvious over the last few years how crowded and complex the medical job market is. Whether you’re starting out as a Junior Doctor or a few decades into your medical career, it can be hard to get noticed.

But by using a professional resume writer from TopResume to craft a compelling and comprehensive resume that sings your praises, you’ll be well on your way to not only getting noticed but potentially getting hired!

Why you should make use of our resume writing services to land your next job as a Doctor

It’s almost impossible to see yourself as others see you and to be objective when it comes to picking and choosing which information to include in your resume. As a Doctor, you’re likely to have a wealth of information from various positions, rotations, and training. But how to collate this all together in a coherent manner?

That’s where the team at TopResume comes in.

Resume writing service for a Doctor: Let us write your resume

We have the knowledge and expertise at our fingertips on how to build a strong medical resume. With dedicated Resume Consultants who specialize in this sector, it couldn’t be easier to hand over all your important information and let them perform their magic.

Think of the time you’ll save. Instead of slaving over a piece of paper with information on it that just doesn’t quite come together, you could be comforting a patient, interpreting vital tests, or providing outpatient care where it’s needed.  

Who are the TopResume writers?

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