Looking for a new career? Check out the top growing careers for 2016. [TWEET]

Break out the champagne, horns, and confetti: every year and with it comes a new playing field for job seekers to advance their careers. It's time to dust off your resume and prepare for one of the top ten jobs of 2016.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, these top growing career paths are on the rise and will out-hire, and possibly out-pay, its competitors in 2016.

Software Application Developers

It may not come as a surprise to most that software developers are in high demand. Software surrounds us every minute of our lives, and people who create it are never going to be out of a job. This position is one of the fastest growing careers in 2016 because 22 percent more jobs are expected within the next four years. The salary is great as well. With an average of $90,000 per year, or $44 per hour, it's worth it to spend four years preparing for one of the nation's top jobs.

Outlook: 22% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $90,000

Organizational Psychologists

The mental well-being of employers is at the top of the list for 2016. Companies are willing now more than ever, to invest in keeping their teams happy and healthy. Psychologists will benefit from this new tactic. Occupational psychologists are licensed psychologists who practice in corporate fields. They help teams and employees deal with stress, family issues, and other mental health issues that could interfere with productivity.

Outlook: 26% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Doctoral or Master's Degree in Psychology

Median Salary: $80,000

Personal Financial Advisers

The Great Recession may have ended, but many who were impacted by the worse financial fiasco in decades still need help. Financial advisors are needed to help redesign and construct plans to solidify their financial well-being. As a result, this career path is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S..

Outlook: 30% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $70,000

Survey Researchers

The old saying in the sociology industry is, “If you want to find a job, don't get a sociology degree.” That saying can now be erased from the books. Business is getting more and more scientific in its approaches to forming strategy. Companies seek skilled researchers who can look at statistical data and survey answers and make industry predictions to formulate plans and determine trends. Sociologists are one of the few who can work with this type of data.  

Outlook: 18% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Master's Degree

Median Salary: $45,000

Web Designers

The Internet dominates advertising and marketing. From social media to pay-per-click, businesses reach more people online than through traditional outbound marketing. To service those leads, companies hire web designers. Those who take advantage of this hiring spree will benefit from a 20 percent hiring increase expected within the next four years. This makes web design one of the top growing careers in 2016.

Outlook: 20% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $62,000

Environmental Engineers

The world has shown that it's ready to go green and make efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Environmental engineers are stepping up and taking on the job. With the “go green” trend showing no sign of retreat, this industry gears up for a 15 percent increase over the next several years. The four-year degree required for most entry-level positions will garner $90,000, and graduate students can double this over the years.

Outlook: 15% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $90,000

Medical Assistants

The saying is true; as long as there are sick people, we will have doctors and nurses. However, medical assistants are now making their mark on the medical industry as well. Similar to nurses, medical assistants practice at hospitals, hospice care centers, and doctor's private practices. Nurses and doctors saw a 20 percent increase within the past four years. Now it's time for the assistants. This workforce is expected to add approximately 30 percent more jobs by 2022. It's no wonder this is one of the fastest growing careers in 2016.

Outlook: 30% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $30,000

Athletic Trainers

It's time to take those New Year, New You resolutions to heart and get fit. Thank goodness there are trainers to help us along the way. People concerned with their health are going to become the major growth factor for this industry. Much of these new clients are baby boomers preparing to live longer than the 72 years given to their predecessors. New market data shows clients will help 30 percent more trainers become employed within the next five years.

Outlook: 30% increase by 2022

Education & Training: Bachelor's Degree

Median Salary: $42,000

Personal & Home Care Aides

While fitness may be on everyone's minds, statistics show the number of homebound and elderly patients will increase within the next five years. Hospice, caretakers, and at-home nurses can attest to this fact. Their industry has seen a steady 40+ percent growth rate for six straight years. The BLS predicts the number of patients needing care in the home will continue to increase, as will the demand for skilled employees, making this a top growing career in 2016.

Outlook: 48% increase by 2022

Education & Training: High School Diploma

Median Salary: $30,000+

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