It's the best case scenario: you've written the perfect resume, gone on several interviews and nailed them.Now the waiting game begins, and it is time to sit back, relax and hope that job offers come in.

When you've gone on multiple job interviews, there's probably still one position that you're really hoping you'll get above the others. Everyone has their favorites, of course. But sometimes the offer you're really hoping for doesn't come in right away, and you can even receive other job offers first. Deferring a job offer is perfectly acceptable, but the situation should be handled tactfully as not to burn any bridges.

Handling multiple job offers can be a tricky situation, but we've got tips on deferring a job offer so that you don't lose any opportunities. First, it's appropriate to share with the company offering the job that you have not yet accepted because you're waiting to hear from another company about a potential position. They may give you a deadline to make a final decision or share with you more information on their hiring process.

In the meantime, as quickly as possible, follow up with the other company that you're hoping to hear from – via telephone (sending an email may only delay the process). Let the hiring manager know that you're still interested in the position, and ask how the process is proceeding. Also let them know that you have been extended another offer, but would prefer this position if it were to be offered to you, and that in order to make the appropriate decision, you'd appreciate any information they can provide on the status of the position.

Make sure that you are being honest and open with both employers, and they will likely be open with you in return. The company that you would prefer to accept an offer from may let you know how their hiring process is proceeding, and whether you are still in the running or not. Use all the information provided to you by both companies to make the proper decision for your situation.

However, you should be careful to only use these techniques when handling multiple job offers, and not using them as a ploy to facilitate a decision when you have no other offers. That type of behavior can backfire on you if the employer is still in the midst of the hiring process. They may tell you to go ahead and take the other offer, which would eliminate your candidacy for the position, and leave you with no options.  

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