Yes — include hobbies on your resume, but only if they are relevant to the position and demonstrate your qualifications for the job.

Our career expert, Amanda Augustine, explains

Just like adding a P.S. to a cover letter, you should first consider your audience. This includes both the company overall and the individuals reading your resume because you don't want to include something that may negatively sway opinions of you. If you do choose to add hobbies to your resume, avoid touchy subjects like religion and politics unless they are totally relevant — if you are applying for a religious organization, for example.

If your hobbies can demonstrate your qualifications for the job, you might more seriously consider adding them to your resume, especially if you are making a career change and they can speak to some of your experience in the new field. Otherwise, leave them off to be safe. If you don't need them, there's no reason to have them.

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