Learn how you can use a Sales Director job description to create a targeted resume

To land a job as a Sales Director, you need a resume that's tailored to speak directly to any prospective employer's hiring needs. To do that, however, you need to understand exactly which qualifications you need to highlight to capture a hiring manager's attention and earn a coveted interview opportunity. The best way to do that is to review the company's Sales Director job description to find the keywords that will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

In this Sales Director job description guide, you'll learn why those keywords matter, see a sample job description, and find tips to help you align your resume with the company's stated needs.

Why the Sales Director job description keywords matter

Before we examine an example of a standard Sales Director job description, it's important to explain what keywords are and why they're so vital for your resume. When you review a job posting, you'll always find specific words and phrases used to describe the job's qualifications – the skills and experience you'll need to qualify for the position. By identifying and using these keywords in your resume, you can:

  • Satisfy the ATS. Applicant tracking systems are programmed to scan resumes in search of specific keywords. By incorporating those job posting keywords into your resume, you can make sure that your application gets past that screening process.

  • Highlight the right skills and experience. Since those keywords are often related to the position's required skills and experience, their inclusion in your resume can enable you to focus attention on the right qualifications.

  • Grab a hiring manager's attention. Using those keywords in your resume will do more than help you beat the ATS. It will also help you capture a hiring manager's attention. When they skim your resume and see those important keywords, they'll be more inclined to spend more time studying the document to see what type of value you might be able to provide their company.

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Sales Director job description

Looking for an experienced and high-energy Sales Director with a proven track record of sales growth acceleration. Primary duties include generating and submitting RFPs and related sales documents, collaborating with senior sales managers to set revenue goals and strategy, and implementing a sales plan that drives revenue growth.

A successful candidate will be energetic, persuasive, and well organized – with excellent staffing, training, and oversight abilities. Must be able to define and execute effective sales strategies, business development, marketing, technical, ad operations, and sales support programs to maximize sales and profitability.

Sales Director responsibilities

  • Create strong relationships with key client stakeholders at both senior and mid-management levels

  • Understand the competitive landscape and market trends

  • Establish sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories, while projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products

  • Maintain sales volume, product mix and selling price in accordance with supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors

  • Maintain sales staff by recruiting, selecting, and training employees.

  • Competent with Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce.com and ComScore

  • Desire to own projects and exceed expectations, with ability to find solutions and deliver results within a rapidly changing, entrepreneurial, technology-driven culture

  • Ability to identify and solve client issues strategically

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Work with the Sales, Account Management and Operations teams to implement targeted sales strategy

  • Work with internal teams on behalf of clients to ensure the highest level of customer service

  • Manage and implement the sales forecasting, planning, and buyer driven sales and marketing processes.

  • Work collaboratively with the sales and marketing teams and fosters a culture of continuous process improvement

  • Drive the successful implementation and adoption of the sales and marketing automation platforms

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Analyze pipeline and lead data, deliver periodic reporting to the sales and marketing teams providing key business insights: typical reporting relates to Demand Generation, Pipeline Forecast and Trends, Conversion Rates, Target Account, Market Segmentation, Win/Loss, Age

  • Through reporting and analytics, validate the quality of the lead and pipeline data and provide guidance to improve the overall data quality

  • Database management

  • Monitor the quality of marketing and sales information and define data improvement programs

Sales Director qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree

  • MBA preferred

  • 5 to 7 years of experience in sales team/marketing management

  • Prior industry experience optional, but preferred

Sales Director top skills and qualifications

  • Presentation

  • Client relationships

  • Proficiency with sales software and other tools

  • Negotiation

  • Prospecting skills

  • Creativity

  • Sales campaign planning

  • Data analysis

  • Ability to motivate and inspire teams

How to tailor your resume using the Sales Director job description

Of course, it's not enough to know how to find those keywords in the Sales Director job description. You'll also need to know how to effectively incorporate them into your resume. To get you through this critical step, we've compiled some simple tips you can use to add vital keywords into specific sections of your resume to create a truly targeted job search document that gets the attention you'll need to land your next interview.

Insert keywords in your resume headline

The first place to include these keywords is in your resume headline, right below your contact information. This single line should include the job title and some compelling language that highlights your value. Rather than just listing the job title Sales Director on this line, you can spruce it up by writing:

“Sales Director with 10 Years of Proven Success Driving Sales Growth and Profitability”

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Use keywords to tailor your resume summary

Your resume profile also needs to include several of these keywords. A great resume summary will include your desired job title, years of experience, key skills, and one or two examples of measurable achievements. Accomplishments should use real numbers to highlight the value you've created for your employers. For example:

Dynamic and effective Sales Director with 10+ years leading sales teams and sales managers to drive revenue growth, increase market share, and improve the customer experience. Skilled in sales strategy research, development, and execution. Expert in developing high-performance sales teams while creating and strengthening client relationships. Known for revitalizing obsolete sales processes and strategies to leverage new technologies and market evolution, including increasing sales 75% and boosting customer retention 50%.

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Include the exact keywords in your skill section

If you've ever struggled to create a resume skills section, you're not alone. After all, you need to make sure you've included every skill the employer wants to see – right? 

The good news is that you can rely on the Sales Director job description to simplify that process. Just review the description and take note of any keywords the employer used to describe required skills. Add each of those keywords to your core competencies section using that job description's exact terminology.

Again, those keywords will help your resume get past the ATS and catch the employer's eye during their initial scan of your application. Once you've added those skills to your list, include other relevant hard and soft skills until you've compiled a full list of roughly twelve or fifteen core abilities. Then, format the list into two or three columns of bullet point skills.

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Create achievements that use skill keywords to demonstrate value

As you might expect, you'll also need to add keywords to your work experience section. The best way to do this is to include some of those required skill keywords within the achievement statements you attach to each of your previous employer listings. 

Pick achievements that highlight skills you need for your Sales Director job and use real numbers to quantify your results. For example:

  • Developed comprehensive sales strategy that increased quarterly revenues by 25%

  • Collaborated with marketing team to secure partnership with emerging industry competitor, adding $7 million in new revenue

  • Championed and directed online brand revision that increased digital engagement by 300%, boosting lead generations by 150% with a 75% rise in conversion rates

  • Created and implemented new training and coaching program that reduced sales team onboarding time by 50% while increasing overall sales revenue growth by 13%

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Create a compelling resume by relying on a Sales Director job description

Without a targeted resume, it's often difficult to get the attention you need to secure interviews and job offers. Fortunately, you can rely on information from a Sales Director job description to tailor your resume to the position you're seeking.  Learning how to include vital keywords from that job description can give you the boost you need and help you deliver a truly compelling value message to prospective employers.

Struggling to align your resume with the Sales Director job description? Our team of resume experts is standing by to help you create the dynamic resume you need to land more interviews. Get your free resume review today!

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