NEW YORK (July 7, 2020) — TopResume, the largest resume-writing service in the world, today announced its latest survey results, revealing that U.S. employees are fed up with the way they've been treated during the global pandemic. Between June 23 and June 29, TopResume asked 1,033 career-driven professionals nationwide to evaluate their employer's behavior toward them over the past several months: “Based on how you've been treated during the COVID-19 crisis, would you consider leaving your employer?”

The recent survey assessed workers' attitudes toward their employer, including those who continued to work for the company throughout the crisis, as well as those who were furloughed. A majority (68%) admitted they would consider leaving their job because of widespread mistreatment by their employer during the pandemic. Moreover, the No. 1 reason (48%) for wanting to leave was poor corporate communication about major issues such as working hours, layoffs, and pay. Another reason for employee dissatisfaction was their organization's unwillingness to provide them flexibility to care for their families (12%).

“Our data reveals that employers must communicate early and often with staff — especially in times of crisis,” said Amanda Augustine, TopResume's career expert, certified professional career coach (CPCC), and certified professional resume writer (CPRW). “Employees crave consistent and clear communication from corporate leadership and, as our findings suggest, will consider alternative employment options when their expectations are unmet. Organizations that offer transparent employee communication will experience a boost in credibility, as well as foster deeper connections between team members. A little human empathy goes a long way.”

Furthermore, one-third of professionals (33%) admitted they were unhappy before the crisis, but that their employer's behavior towards them during this period was the last straw. Despite the U.S. unemployment rate rising to record highs, frustrated employees would be willing to look for a role elsewhere, even amid a global pandemic.

On an ongoing basis, the data science team at Talent Inc., the global leader in technology-enabled career services and also the parent company of TopResume, TopInterview, and TopCV, compiles nationwide data from their customers to better understand current behavioral trends in the job market. Visit TopResume's Career Advice blog to see their latest tips for coaching job seekers through their search.

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