How to writer a cover letter that will leave the hiring manager intrigued to know more.

The cover letter is like an introduction. Think of it as a book cover or a movie ad; it gives hints as to what's inside (or attached), like a teaser or preview.  And while most applicant tracking systems (ATS) won't necessarily pay attention to cover letters, the letter will be attached to a resume that has successfully passed through an ATS and is considered for an interview.

While ATS's look for certain elements in resumes to include them in an applicant pool, interviewers receive so many resumes that they look for reasons to discard. The cover letter gives the interviewer the first impression of a candidate. The cover letter is that important.

Here is one example of a cover letter template:


Contact Information




Dear [Name],

I am pleased to submit my resume for [Position] with [Organization]. Given my background in (experience related to field) and (experience related to field), I feel I am in a great position to make significant contributions to [Company].

Throughout my entire career, I have demonstrated consistent success (something you have contributed to) to achieve high-reaching standards and goals. Please consider the following highlights from my resume:

  • Achievement/accomplishment
  • Achievement/accomplishment
  • Achievement/accomplishment

To further acquaint you with the specifics of my background I am enclosing my resume.  I am a (experience description) who consistently focuses on (specific related to the field), and it is my goal to work with an organization that shares a passion for this approach to growth within the [field/industry].

I would be pleased to speak with a member from your team to further explore how my background will make me a valuable addition to [Company]. Thank you for reviewing this letter and the attached document.



The language is professional and clear, and the writer uses a lot of industry keywords in the context of explaining why this candidate's experience is the better choice. There is nothing about passion, organizational skills, or personal objectives. And there are no typos.

This template is popular; a lot of applicants might use it. So, how can an applicant stand out? With accomplishments and achievements. See those three bulleted points in the middle? That's where applicants can put juicy, impressive accomplishments and achievements that exemplify how they have benefitted similar companies in the past.

One last suggestion: Write the cover letter in the same type as the resume, for a consistent feeling of flow. That includes making sure the header or applicant name and contact information at the top are consistent. That will go a long way toward making a positive first impression.

The cover letter is the first piece of information a recruiter will use to get to know an applicant, sometimes even before the resume. The letter initially indicates writing ability, professionalism, and general qualifications. Make sure your cover letter, like your resume, adequately introduces you.

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