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Writing a resume can be a lot like buying insurance. It’s easy to put it off, but when you need it, you need it right away! Most people find resume writing to be an uncomfortable and tedious process. Not only is there a need to recall all sorts of details about jobs that you may barely remember, but there is a nagging feeling that talking about one’s previous accomplishments is bragging, or self-promoting.

The reality is that you should always keep your professional resume updated. When you revise your resume on a regular (or at least annual) basis, you’ll find the process to be much less cumbersome than if you attempt it every 10 or so years. As far as bragging, a well-written resume does not so much brag as it ensures you will be attractive to the kind of employer for whom you will do your best work. Here are five tips to make the resume-writing process as pain-free as possible.

  1. Start a brag book for your accomplishments and make it a practice to log every significant project you are involved in throughout the year. Include things like training you have taken or provided, extra-role responsibilities you have taken on and goals you have achieved.

  2. Reformat your existing resume today into contemporary form. Even if you don’t add your latest job, recraft what you already have. Toss that moldy old objective statement to the curb once and for all and create a stunning career statement. Get rid of any jobs older than 15 years.

  3. Set a resume date and commit to have a draft completed that day. Maybe it coincides with New Year’s or maybe it’s your Labor Day resolution, but you’ll be a lot more likely to accomplish your goal if you get specific.

  4. Consider enlisting the help of an expert. There are professionals who write resumes for a living and don’t consider this process to be daunting or intimidating. They can help you quantify your achievements and will probably ease your mind about the whole bragging thing as well.

  5. Look through some job postings (not at work, of course) and find listings that describe the type of work you want to do next. This can not only help you clarify your current trajectory, it can also pinpoint some areas of development to accelerate your growth (and then add to your resume).

Ultimately, you will be amazed at how having a current and professional resume can boost your confidence and keep your career goals on track.

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