Shopping for someone who works from home? Use this gift guide.

If you know someone who works from home, you can't go wrong with giving them something that enhances their at-home work experience. No matter your budget, use this gift guide to pick out the perfect holiday, birthday, or graduation present for the work-from-home professional in your life.

1. A coffee subscription

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For those who work from home, there's perhaps nothing more essential than a steady caffeine supply. That's where you can help. Go ahead and send the work-from-home pro in your life a bottomless coffee supply — literally.

A coffee subscription service called Bottomless allows you to pick from more than 300 coffee beans — and each subscription comes with a free Wi-Fi enabled scale that automatically tracks how much coffee you have left before you run dry. When it gets too low, Bottomless will ship you more.

If you're not sure what coffee to get your work-from-home friend, just sign them up for a gift, which allows them to pick and choose exactly what they want.

2. Blue light glasses

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Those who work-from-home spend a lot of time in front of a screen, causing headaches and other annoying side effects. But a pair of blue light glasses might help — plus they look pretty cool, too.

Blue light glasses make a great gift because they're relatively affordable, and you don't need a prescription. Forbes put together a pretty solid list of the best blue light glasses, and Warby Parker also has a lot of stylish and affordable options.

3. A webcam cover

Help your work-from-home loved one avoid their worst nightmare by gifting them a webcam cover. It's exactly what it sounds like — a simple cover you can mount over your webcam to avoid any surprise appearances. 

Webcam covers are pretty affordable (Etsy has a good selection), and it's a thoughtful gift they may not have considered.

4. External camera attachment

The reality is, some built-in webcams are pretty bad. When you work from home, that can be annoying, especially when you have important meetings. An external webcam is an easy fix.

There are a ton of options out there, but look for one that has a built-in ring light. This helps illuminate your face and ensures a bright and clear image. You can also look for one that has a built-in microphone and/or a recording system, which is convenient for recording any important calls. This option from Amazon has all those features.

5. A fitness subscription

When working from home, it's oftentimes difficult to remember to get up and move around. Plus, sitting in a chair all day isn't great for the neck and back. That's why a fitness subscription is a great gift for work-from-home employees.

HelloYoga is a solid option for workers of all fitness levels. Plus, it's nice because you get paired up with a yoga instructor for virtual personal instruction. Plans start at $50 a month for five credits, which are used to book the classes. Or, if you'd rather not do a subscription, you can just purchase credits — it's super customizable based on how much you'd like to spend.

6. Noise-cancelling and/or Bluetooth headphones 

A nice present for someone who works from home — that you know they'll use daily — is a pair of noise-canceling and/or Bluetooth headphones. And you know noise-canceling is essential for those work-from-home parents.

You don't have to drop hundreds of dollars on these if you don't want to; there are plenty of pairs for any budget. If noise-canceling isn't as important for your recipient, opt for a pair of wireless headphones, so the work-from-home professional in your life doesn't feel as tethered to their computer all day.

7. A timer

It may sound strange to give someone a timer, but for those who work from home, time management is super important. A great time-management trick is called the Pomodoro Technique, which involves setting a timer in short increments and knocking out individual tasks. 

There are apps that assist you in doing this, but having a timer is more fun, especially one that's a bit interactive — like this one on Amazon.

8. A laptop stand

Bad posture plagues the work-from-home community, so if you want to help someone who works from home, do them a favor and buy them a laptop stand. By setting their laptop up on a stand, it forces them to sit up straight and improves typing ergonomics.

This is a simple gift, but one not enough work-from-home pros are willing to spend money on. There are a ton of options out there. For those who prefer standing while they work, check out this affordable laptop stand, which is way more compact than a full-blown standing desk. There are also laptop stands for desks, which is a gift that pairs well with a gel/memory foam wrist resting pad.

9. A self-care subscription box

When working from home, the boundaries between work and home easily blur. That's why getting the work-from-home pro in your life a self-care subscription box is a thoughtful and practical gift.

For example, the TheraBox contains self-care items curated by therapists, including a happiness activity as well as full-sized wellness items — items worth over $120 for each box. There are one-, three-, six-, and 12-month plans starting at $30.99 per box.

10. A “meeting in progress” sign

If you're shopping for a parent who works from home, look into giving them a cute “do not disturb” sign they can hang on their office door.

Etsy has some good options, including these customizable doorknob hangers. There are also work-from-home signs for the front door, which is great for dog parents. This is a creative — and potentially life-changing — present perfect for the work-from-home professional in your life.

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