Put these free job-search tools to the test.

When it comes to job searching, we all could use a little help. The best kind of help comes free of charge. We asked some top folks in the job-search industry to explain how their company’s products and services are helping job seekers improve their job search—free of charge.

Job-Search Tool #1: Underdog.io

We run a talent platform called Underdog.io that is 100 percent free for candidates to sign up. If they are accepted onto the platform, their information is shared with some of the best technology companies in New York City and San Francisco.

Josh Goldstein, Co-Founder at Underdog.io

Job-Search Tool #2: Hired

Unlike traditional online career placement tools, Hired actually provides compensation figures upfront. This saves the candidate a lot of time interviewing for positions that do not meet salary expectations. Not only is it 100 percent free, they'll also offer you [a] bonus if you get the job.

Amanda Thomas, Sr. Director of Marketing at Liaison Technologies

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Job-Search Tool #3: Recruit

Recruit profiles provide a comprehensive snapshot of candidates and employers, which are typically screened during a first interview, saving money and time on both party’s ends. This universal platform provides opportunities for all: volunteers, interns, students, academic admission, part-time employees and full-time employees.

Jeff Nussbaum, CEO & Founder, Recruit, Inc.

Job-Search Tool #4: TopResume

TopResume is the world's largest resume-writing company. In addition to writing resumes, we offer a number of free job-search tools for job seekers, from resume samples and worksheets, to personal branding checklists and resume reviews. Simply upload your resume and you'll receive objective feedback on your resume layout, its language and how well your resume communicates your skills and expertise. You'll also get personalized recommendations on how to make your resume stronger. It couldn't be easier!

Amanda Augustine, Career Advice Expert for TopResume

Job-Search Tool #5: Shapr

Shapr is a completely free networking app that introduces nearby professionals who share your interests. The app is available for iOS and Android, and is intended to spark meaningful conversations with other professionals in your field. Shapr is a perfect app for job hunters hoping to get insider scoop on interesting companies and get their foot in the door while building their networks!

Mandy Menaker, Head of Brand Development at Shapr

Job-Search Tool #6: Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations—the Internet’s number one telecommute-only job board—has solutions for budget-conscious job seekers interested in no-cost job-search resources. Registering for a Virtual Vocations account is free, plus we post free telecommuting job leads every week (labeled with an orange star on our job board) and highlight them on our blog.

Laura Spawn, CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Vocations, Inc.

Hopefully, these job-search tools can lend you a (virtual) hand to speed up your job search. You have nothing to lose. After all, they're free!

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