Is getting fired in your future? Don't ignore the signs.

Have you been feeling a bit edgy around the office lately? Does it seem like something might be up? Don't ignore these inklings. Something could, indeed, be up — you might be getting fired soon.

Our career advice expert, Amanda Augustine, recently shared with Business Insider some signs that could indicate a pink slip is in your future.

"Your colleagues are avoiding you. The chatter around the water cooler goes quiet when you walk by," Augustine says. "Your co-workers stop inviting you to lunch."

If your gut is telling you something isn't right at the office, don't ignore it. Look for the following five signs you're getting fired to determine if your job is in jeopardy.

Your performance review didn't go so well

Your superior tells you, more or less, that your work hasn't been up to par. If there's any inference you're not meeting performance expectations, you should be doing whatever you can to combat those shortcomings.

And, any sort of verbal or written warning should be taken very seriously. It could mean further bad news will follow.

Your role isn't expanding

Instead of taking on new responsibilities, your list of projects continues to shrink. You're getting passed over for assignments, even after voicing your interest in taking on more work.

There's a changing of the guards

Whenever there's a change in management, you can expect stress levels to rise around the office. However, if your new boss has settled in and the tension persists, remain on high alert. It's not uncommon for a new executive to come in and clean house. If your boss is spending a lot of time behind closed doors with HR, take it as a sign to update your resume.

Your manager is giving you the cold shoulder

You asked your boss for a one-on-one meeting, but he keeps postponing it and dodging your calls. You requested a salary review but were immediately turned down without any explanation.

No one's asking for your point of view

If you're no longer being included in discussions in which you previously participated, consider it a red flag. Not being invited to one meeting isn't cause for concern. However, if you're repeatedly left off email threads or meeting invites, you have a reason to be anxious.

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Final thoughts

If you're concerned that you're getting fired soon and a pink slip may be in your future, now's the time to take action. Take the necessary steps now to prepare for the job search ahead – not after you get the ax.

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