Management Consulting Resume Sample

You already know that outstanding leadership, sound Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and keen analytical skill are essential to building a solid client base. As a professional in the management consulting industry, did you also know that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts management analyst job openings to increase by 14 percent between now and 2024? That’s 103,400 new jobs and a much faster rate than the national average for all careers!

In the client-focused field of consulting, the ability to provide comprehensive business systems analyses that turnaround operations, optimize costs, and improve the bottom line is critical to maintaining an outstanding reputation. Your focus on implementing robust ERP, whether PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, or other HRMS or financial solutions, has ensured your business clients are well prepared for success, and your resume deserves the same level of attention and dedication.

It's time to make it happen. The first step is taking a look at a management consulting sample resume that leverages resume writing best practices to help inform your own. Take a look at our sample below:

Why Does this Management Consulting Resume Sample Work?

The above management consulting resume example works because:

  • It demonstrates more than soft skills.
    As a consulting professional, soft skills like clear communication, work ethic and patience are all important. However, more tangible skills are crucial for a successful resume. The skills area, which should be at the top of your resume after the career summary, should provide searchable key industry words for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines. As a guide, try to incorporate keywords and skills you see in the job description for which you are applying.
  • It’s answers the employer’s question: “what’s in it for me?”
    It’s easy to talk about your strengths, skills, and past accomplishments, but how does that benefit the company you’re applying to? Your resume should show how you positively impacted your previous employers, whether through company growth, profit margin increases, employee retention rates or other successes –not just list your job duties.
  • Clear sections and bold text help guide the reader’s eye.
    In this day and age, most people don't read from top to bottom anymore (especially busy hiring managers). They most likely skim. Calling out particular segments with bolded text can help direct their eye to information you want to highlight and make your successes stand out.
  • It conserves space.
    A great resume uses bullet points, active verbs and industry-specific acronyms. All of these which can help reduce clutter and overwhelming text. Remember to avoid stating the obvious - statements like "references available upon request" aren't needed.

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