From CEOs to students and everyone in-between, Nat helps a wide range of clients tell their career stories.

Resume writing can be an incredibly stressful process. Telling your career story and getting the attention of hiring managers sometimes feels impossible, especially after applying for countless job openings without hearing back. Have no fear. Experts like Nat, one of the many senior professional resume writers at TopResume, are here to help transform your resume and get you more interviews with employers.

I chatted with Nat and asked him how he got into resume writing, why he loves helping job seekers, and what tips he can provide for people who are looking to polish their resume and present themselves like true professionals.

First, tell us how you started writing resumes. Why do you enjoy it so much and what keeps you coming back to help new job seekers?

   I began writing resumes as a way to expand the projects I was taking on while in college. I was working with a number of small publications as a freelance writer and answered an advertisement on a website that was looking for professional resume writers. That company trained me and paid for additional resources to hone my skills.

I most enjoy being able to make someone's job search easier. I have had phone calls with many of my clients and some have cried on the phone with me because they never thought they would be able to explain their background until they read what I had written for them.

What kinds of resumes do you write? Do you specialize in a certain type?

I actually write a very broad range of resume types within a variety of industries. I have written documents for college students looking for internships and for the CEO looking to change careers. I do not have a specific "type" of resume that I like more than any other, but I do enjoy the variety of people from all walks of life.

At TopResume we aim to help professionals write the next chapter of their careers. In addition to being a resume writer, what other 'chapters' of your career have you written?

My career is pretty broad. I have a BSc and MSc in Environmental Science, have been published in peer-reviewed journals, worked in an analytical laboratory, and led as a Technical Writer and Account Manager for a marketing firm specializing in biotechnology and lab sciences. Also, I've been a supervisor in the oilfields of West Virginia/Ohio, and I'm currently involved in field projects and documentation projects for a major industrial cleanout company that works throughout the United States.

With such a diverse set of roles under my belt, I feel especially capable of helping other clients express their backgrounds.

Wow, that is quite diverse! With all of the different clients you've helped and all of the various types of resumes you've written, what's the most common mistake you see people make when they're writing their own resume?

Attempting to fit too much detail onto the resume. Resumes are meant to provide a brief overview of your background and entice a reader to contact you to learn more. If you give away all of the information on the written document, it can be overwhelming and confusing for the potential employer. Less is often more in the resume world.

What's the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

Do something you love and do it every day until you don't have to or want to anymore.

Thank you so much, Nat!

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