Healthy people are happy people, and happy people are more productive and innovative team members. Meanwhile, some board members didn't get this memo. Recent studies show – even though most corporate leaders know stress-free environments are best for business – nearly half of the 2013 workforce left their jobs because of stress.

However, there is hope for the corporate world. These top companies took it upon themselves to kick-start workplace wellness, healthier living, stress-reducing techniques, and a few innovative, fun events designed to increase productivity.

Kaiser Permanente | Oakland, CA

Kaiser Permanente made the list of healthiest companies to work for because team member health and well-being is forefront at this healthcare giant's home base. Kaiser's more than 177,000 employees stay happy and healthy through the company's Go KP initiative. Go KP provides healthy recipes, allows teams to track goals and join group healthy challenges. The company also offers free or subsidized on-site fitness centers. Kaiser developed its cafeteria selection to match Partnership for a Healthier America guidelines, including eliminating vending machines containing drinks sweetened with sugar, and investing 18 percent of its food budget in local or sustainably grown foods. Some of the company's perks include:

  • Health centers

  • Recipe exchanges

  • Fitness challenges

  • In-house farmer's market

  • No vending machines

General Electric | Fairfield, CT

GE knows a thing or two about power, and the company builds powerful teams through workplace wellness, medical and psychological help. The company is one of the first to offer unlimited vacation time to nearly half its workforce. Medical care includes free preventive screenings, a 24/7 healthcare hotline, and the Medical Expert Program. The Expert Program gives the ability to seek a second opinion without costing the employees a dime. Some of the company's perks include:

  • Unlimited vacation

  • Freemium medical care

  • Expert medical program

  • Smoking cessation

Whole Foods Market | Austin, TX

A company that made its name on healthy living has some pretty big shoes to fill. Besides offering a 20+ percent discount on healthy, organic foods, Whole Foods Market offers a Health Savings Account and up to $1,800 towards healthcare costs. The health food giant invites national experts to teach employees about new trends in healthy living and hosts a seven-day Total Health Immersion program, think healthcare boot camp. These are just some of the reasons it made the list of healthiest copmanies to work for. Some of the company's perks include:

  • Healthcare savings account

  • Up to $1,800 towards healthcare costs

  • Lectures and healthy boot camps

  • Donated sick leave

Microsoft | Redmond, WA

Microsoft is their name, and innovation is their game. The tech powerhouse has one of the world's largest health programs for its employees. They have a private shuttle to take employees to and from work, free gym memberships, one of the best health insurance plans (including doctors who make house calls), and free on-campus health services. This isn't even a drop in the bucket. Microsoft's main campus includes other workplace wellness perks like a spa, sports fields, bank, dry-cleaning service, salon, retail shops, and 11 restaurants. Some of the company's perks include:

  • Doctors who make house calls

  • On-campus spa

  • Private shuttle

  • All-inclusive medical insurance

Google | Mountain View, CA

Who can talk about the healthiest companies to work for without mentioning the emperor of the corporate world – Google? Google operates in more sectors than any company, is one of the largest hiring organizations, and invests billions to make the world a better place. They have healthy team members too. The company has onsite doctors, lawyers, counselors, and nurses to help with any stressful situation. The company's five star, gourmet kitchen offers locally-grown, organic selections. Google celebrates with new parents by offering paid leave, extra spending money, and a getting to know you period. Some of the company's perks include:

  • Vacation insurance

  • Parental benefits

  • Private transportation

  • Gourmet cafeterias

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