Regardless of where you are in your career, there's never a wrong time to pursue management and leadership training. [TWEET]

If you aspire to be a manager or leader of an organization one day, then training and further educating yourself will help you get ahead of the curve. If you're already a manager or leader of an organization, then training and continuing to educate yourself can help you hone your skills and learn new ideas and approaches.

There are numerous high-quality leadership resources to choose from when it comes to upping your leadership game without breaking the bank. Below are several free leadership resources that provide information, resources, or training, or a combination of the above. Some of the free management and leadership training courses might require you to provide your information to receive the free reports and several listed also have paid services and training options. If you work for a company that's open to employee development, you might consider talking to your manager to see if the company would cover the cost of any paid training or fee-based services in which you're interested.

1. MHI Global.

MHI has a "Knowledge Center" with lots of free content, including leadership and management blogs, eBooks, case studies, white pages, and more focused on leadership development and training. This Creating a World Class Support Team download is just one example from their database.

2. John Spence.

John Spence is one of American Management's Leaders to Watch and has several other awards and recognitions attached to his name. He landed a CEO position by the time he was 26 and is the author of several books, including Awesomely Simple, Excellence by Design, and the Strategies for Life Success workbook. His leadership blog is filled with tips and insights.

3. DDI World.

DDI World's blog and leadership resources page is filled with free blogs, articles, and downloads focused on leadership and forward-thinking innovation.

4. i4CP.

i4CP (Institute for Corporate Productivity) offers several Complimentary HR & Talent Research Reports that are downloadable in PDF form. The company has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and HR Executive.  

5. Interaction Associates.

Interaction Associates is an organization supporting leaders and teams using "The Interaction Method." They share a lot of free information from their Insights page, including videos and blogs geared towards leadership development.

6. Klemmer & Associates.

Klemmer & Associates shares leadership and character development tips and info for free on their blog. They also offer paid leadership and development seminars and training in high-intensity settings over a two to four day period. The training includes simulations and exercises that allow participants to see current patterns and thought processes that might be preventing personal success and optimal results.

7. Seth Godin.

Forward-thinker Seth Godin's following has steadily increased on social channels for the past few years. Some might consider his posts unconventional to a degree, but they're always short and to the point with words of wisdom and knowledge. His leadership blog has more than 2,500 posts (and counting), and he has authored at least 18 books. He also offers free ebooks and additional content on his Free Stuff page.

8. HubSpot.

Though not exactly a leadership-specific content or training provider, HubSpot does offer a lot of free reports geared towards online marketing and sales trends that many leaders are interested in knowing.

9. People Equation.

People Equation by Jennifer V. Miller focuses on workplace dynamics and provides a lot of free leadership training content and resources on her blog and web page. She offers a list of 25 Free Leadership Development Resources on her site, a few of which overlap with what I've shared here.  

10. Random Acts of Leadership.

Random Acts of Leadership by Susan Mazza is a leadership blog that focuses on the personal and intangible side of leadership, which I find great leaders know how to hone in on (and understand the importance of doing so).

11. AMA.

The AMA (American Management Association) offers several fee-based training and seminars to hone in on a number of management and leadership skills. They also offer several free leadership resources for individuals, including Podcasts and Articles and White Pages.

12. Tom Peters.

Tom Peters is a well-known and raved about thought-leader. He offers lots of free leadership and management content on his Manifestos page.   

13. TopResume.

Though much of the content on TopResume is geared towards managing your career in general, this type of information is still important in moving forward as a leader and climbing the ladder. There's also great content that speaks specifically to management and leadership topics.

14. Dan McCarthy.

Dan McCarthy has a blog, Great Leadership by Dan that incorporates posts from several thought-provoking leaders. He also has The Great Leadership and Succession Planning eBook available for purchase, offers speaking and consulting services, and has his own list of favorite leadership and HR blogs that you can refer to on his Blogroll.

15. SHRM.

Though HR isn't the most loved topic of conversation for many, it's an important part of managing and leading people. SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) is the leader in providing up-to-date HR information and trends, and the organization also provide resources geared towards leadership and management training for a fee. There's a lot of free content and news on their homepage if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

16. Integrity HR.

Integrity HR has a blog with some valuable information about HR and employee relations, as well.

17. Business schools and colleges.

This is a general one, but many colleges offer quality training. Do an online search for colleges in your area to see what type of leadership development training classes they might offer to the public.

My motto is: never stop expanding your knowledge and learning new things. Management and leadership can be very rewarding services to provide during your career, and the more open and prepared you are, the better.

The list above could go on and on with great resources for management and leadership development training.  Consider adding one new resource a month or quarter to review as part of your daily education, or do your own research and add your favorites to the list. You own your career development, and it's not too early to take the initiative now to be a great leader for the future.

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